Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can exercise cause Hair fall? If it does, what will be the solution of this type of hair fall?

Its natural to have a malting cycle 1-2 times a year-thus explained long hair is hard to keep.
You should be shampooing your hair after every time you work out in the shower so your scalp docent gets an infection etc caused by oils and sweat. Oils are good for the scalp, but now lots of it as it loosens the hair from the scalp.

If your working out lots then you have lots of blood flushing through your body, for hair growth you need a decent amount of blood circulation under the scalp to sustain hair growth, your blood is going elsewhere at this time.

Go to a pharmacy and pick up some tablets 1) biotin for vitamin upkeep and 2) silica for your scalp and body.
Expect results in 2.5months.


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